Wednesday, February 17, 2010


So last Monday we got back from Mazatlan! It was such a good time. It's funny that when you get home from a great vacation, you're more tired than before you left. We had so much fun and the weather was beautiful.
This is from our room! It was so great leaving the door open and falling asleep to the sound of the ocean and not being freezing cold.
Bill and Roceil: Thank you so much. We had such a great time with the two of you.
Steve loved all of the animals around. He made friends with all of them and even named a few.
I finally understood how boogy boarding works. I was a little frustrated because I couldn't catch any waves but once I did, I became pretty much a pro. It's so great to be able to hang out and act like your 12 years old again with your best friend.
We went to this little town in the mountains and visited a few churches. It was really cool to really see part of Mexico.
And the kids were adorable!!!
Steve had to prove it was safe before I'd go, but they got me up there after him. Next time, we'll go together.

The eating was delicious! We pretty much had HUGE shrimp every night. Mazatlan is known for their shrimp. Last season they shipped out over 200 million tons. Did I mention that Steve and I love shrimp?

Sadly, we eventually had to head home. I love Utah, but I do not appreciate the dry air. No matter what I do, I can't seem to prevent my entire tan peeling off. It not just depressing, but it's also really gross!