Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Loving the Weekends

Bill and Shirley gave us tickets to the jazz game this past weekend. We won which made it an extra bonus to be there! Every time that I go to a Jazz game I think of the time that Alecia and I went a couple of years ago and had lame-o dates but we got on the Jumbo-Tron! Not our dates. Steve and I have yet to get on the big screen, but let me just say, he's a whole lot of a better date wherever we go!
The battery in the camera was dying, but we got a picture of the court before that happened.
Thanks Glen and Jamie for offering up your place for the Christmas party and thanks Nick and Dyanna for hosting! We had so much fun and ate way too much. My favorite holiday treat is Ginger Snaps and Bre brought the yummiest ones with this pumpkin frosting dip for them.... Umm... SO GOOD. I need your recipe please Bre!

Nellie and the girls are here for the holiday's and it is so fun to have some kids running around the house. It was way too cute not to take a picture of Mia when she was eating her peanut butter bar with Nutella for the frosting. She kept licking her lips surprised every time that they tasted so good.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

What We've been doing...

What an interesting couple of weeks it has been... Hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving! The weekend before, Steve took me on a surprise date. He told me I needed to dress very nice and then bring a change of clothes. He took me to dinner to Chef's Table in Provo. It was so yummy! I've been talking about this place called "Jump on It" in Lindon. It's a place just full of trampolines. (Yes, I'm a child at heart and always will be). He took me there after. We had so much fun. It took a while for our bellies to think it was fun, since we had just eaten. I know it's cheesy but I seriously have a super rad hubby! I'm so thankful for him and for all he does for me.

My mom's brother Greg and his family came for the week. Josh and Steve were soon BFF's and it was so great to see them and to spend some time with them. It's been about 3 years since I've seen them and it was their first time meeting Steve.
We spent Thanksgiving day at Steve's parent's place. It was great to see everyone, (Bill and Shirley's family and Becky's family was missed). This was the beginning of me not feeling well, so this is the reason I don't look so great.... Oh well.
Steve's dog Daisy is getting pretty old so we took some great pics of her. The DaISy...
The kids made a "restaurant" downstairs. Ryan got a little fed up with uncle Steve and his demanding orders. It's amazing that they didn't have a lot of certain items for something that's imagined...

We did the Temple Square thing and went to the "This is the Place" monument. All in all, it's been great. We had a lot fun and we have a whole lot to be thankful for... School is out in less than 3 weeks... YEA!