Monday, December 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Steve!

It was STEVE's birthday on Saturday!!!
We had such a great day. It ended with a yummy dinner at Tepanyaki and his friends
came over for cake and ice cream when we got home. I covered the cake with tin foil and
all of the frosting came off. It was beautiful! He was hoping that it'd snow and it did!
The night before, we went to dinner with Steve's family and then went to Temple
Square. It was weird not having any snow there, but it was so nice walking around and
not feeling like your hands were falling off. It was perfect and we had so much fun.
I just thought this was a pretty cool picture. We like to jump in pictures, can't you tell?

Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Projects and School Work

One down, some more to go! We finished our final project for our Student P.R. class. We have been the P.R. reps for the Interfaith Student Association and we had our end-of-semester trade show last Wednesday. We felt good about it and everyone was pleased that we actually had some people show up:) Finals are next week and we're grateful for that.

We are busy with school, but duh... There's always time to celebrate Christmas. After the trade show (notice I'm wearing the same on top) we went down to Springville to use my mom's sewing machine. With my home-made pattern and Steve's mad sewing machine skills and input from my mother, the stocking making was a success! Good luck to everyone taking finals in the next couple of weeks!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Break

This break was so great and so very much needed! Of course I'm posting pictures from it, in no particular order. We had Thanksgiving with Steve's family this year and it was great. I'm so happy that I've got such great in-laws. I made two pies and was actually pretty proud of myself. They were tasty, but not very pretty, so I didn't take a picture. Those of you who know me too well are probably shocked that I even used my oven, but I DID! Sorry I don't have proof.
Steve and I went to the Jazz game and I was so happy and excited like a little kid. We had such a fun night. Thanks again Bill and Shirl for the tickets. They were very much appreciated!
Going out to lunch with these ladies is always fun. It's been way too long. I love these girls so much and I'm so grateful for their friendship. Kell is getting to be a pro with a stick shift car and her bun in the oven is growing. You can't even tell yet by looking at her. I'm the one who looks prego in the picture, but I am definitely NOT so don't go spreading any rumors...
I don't think Oliver enjoyed his cookie at all:) Isn't he so adorable? He's the happiest baby!
All of the kids decorating cookies, and ME. I was the only
one over the age of 13 at that table. It was too much fun.
Steve wasn't too sad that I had a girls day out. He and Jake got to play HALO together without me bugging him once about when he was going to be done. Roceil (Steve's mom) got them matching sweaters years ago and they both still have them. I had to take a picture.
This break was great and it's so fun to have such a great husband to share it with. We have too much fun together. It was such a great time to spend with friends and family and Steve and I are so grateful everyday for all that we have. We are so incredibly blessed!
Anyway, I hope everyone had a nice, relaxing and fun break. Christmas is just right around the corner. My shopping is pretty much done and besides passing my classes, I'm making Steve and I stockings. Cross your fingers that I don't screw them up too badly. Oh yeah, we're thinking about going to see the movie Australia... Has anyone seen it yet? What'd you think?

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Twilight, Kinda Gay

Last night Meg and I saw The hit vampire movie "Twilight." While watching I learned several things about women that I didn't know.

1. Women like stalkers. He was always sneaking into her room, and she just thought it was so cute. I had been under the impression that guys sneaking around all the time was just creepy, but I was wrong.

2. Women like killers. He flat out admitted that he'd killed people, and it only made her want him more. If they like killers they probably like rapists, too.

3. If you scrunch your face up like a tard when you go to kiss a girl she'll instantly fall for you. He kept making the most unattractive faces, but I guess girls just can't resist a guy that's a little slow upstairs.

Meg enjoyed the movie, which only confirmed what I took from it. I can understand why people liked the book, if they are a fifteen year old girl. Some women in the audience cheered when Edward (dreamy vampire) came onto the screen. That proves to me that women want what they can't have, because it doesn't exist. I thought with a few simple changes and a new director the movie could have been ok.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Hey, this is Steve. Maybe I'll post some crud, and I'm pretty excited about it.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Things are going well in the life of Steve and Meg. We were laying in bed yesterday counting down how much longer of the semester we have left. WE ARE GOING TO SURVIVE. Things are crazy busy, but we're still finding time to hang out with each other and goof off and make dinner and do the dishes together! We got our Media Ethics and Law exam scores back last week. We were super stress about that and studied so hard for it. Steve has much better studying tactics and habits than I do, so I'm lucky to have him help me out a little bit. I got a B+ which is higher than the C average in the class. My brilliant husband though, got the highest score of the entire test. Congrats baby on your 106% I'm super proud of you!!!

Yea for good friends! Alecia and her boyfriend Sam came up to visit a week or so ago for Katie and Garrett's wedding and we all got to hang out. These two girls are two of my favorite people in the whole wide world. Sam is so great and I couldn't be happier for my dear Lil Huss! Congrats to Katie and Garrett on the wedding, you looked amazing... It's weird to think that it was just Steve and I a couple of months ago. We also had people over last weekend for milkshakes. I was quite pleased that our little place fit that many people in it all at once!

Steve and I volunteered at a dinner auction for some charity at the Provo Library this past weekend. We got to get all dressed up since it was a formal dinner. It was fun to dress up. We got put in charge of the coat check. Since it was a nice day earlier, there were a total of 15 coats we were stuck with. I was hoping to learn something or take part in something a little more involved, but I guess someone had to stay with the coats. Thank you Glen for letting us come over after to get in the pool and hut tub with everyone!


Guess who got a calling in our ward this past Sunday? ME! They brought Steve and I both in and started talking about the relief society and how important that organization is and how they felt that I needed to have a calling in that organization. I was thinking that I was going to teach again or something, but I've been called to be the Relief Society Greeter. Ha! I had to choke back the laughter when the counselor asked Steve if he'd be able and willing to support me in that calling. I don't think it'll be that difficult. Steve keeps reminding me that there's no such thing as small callings, even if I think it's kinda silly. I've been trying to think of the good that will come out of this calling and I feel blessed because it'll give me the opportunity to get to know the sisters in my ward more so than if I wasn't forced into making conversation. Maybe even make a few new friends.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Six weeks left...

Yes people, you read that right. Six weeks and this semester will be over! I have faith that we're going to make it. FYI: I just need to say how proud I am of my husband. He won't even be embarrassed because I don't think he ever looks on here unless I tell him to! He has been working so hard this semester with school and he has been doing great. Honestly, he is such an example to me when it comes to punctuality. If any of you know me, you know that I like to put things aside until they HAVE to be done. Steve is the exact opposite of that. When there is something to be done, he gets it done before anything else. I'm learning...
Anyway, I've started making Christmas lists of things and shopping to get done. The goal is to have all of the shopping finished before December 1, so that I can survive finals and try to enjoy the season. I'll let you know if I get it accomplished. Gift ideas?

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Meet Kreg and Stevanie Low

I know, I know... We are probably the most amazing looking couple you've ever seen! We had a good time dressing each other up, but by the end of the night, the mustache was off and we were ready to take off the wigs! We went out to dinner and got stared and pointed at and laughed at... Kids were a little creeped out by Stevanie, but they still liked her, just like they like Steve. We went to the Monkey Grinders concert and had a really good time. I even did the makeup for Andy! Yea for halloween. We're going to work on having a party next year, so get your costumes ready! What did everyone else do? Hope everyone was safe and are still sleeping and not studying for yet another test like me... Have a great rest of the weekend.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Guess who has their wedding pics back...

Here are just a few pics from the wedding. I'm sure I'll be putting more on sometime soon!

It wasn't a very happy day at all. Can't you tell? I look super sad.

Thank you to all of you who came to support us! We love you...

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Body Worlds Exhibition

Steve and I went up to Salt Lake last weekend to the Body Worlds Exhibit that's going on until December sometime I think. It was really really interesting. It was cool to see all of the muscles and how the body is really put together and I learned a lot. I heard from some people that it was really disturbing to them, but I didn't find it that way at all. I know it's kinda creepy that they are real bodies and they once were people with personalities and a life, but it's not displayed like that in any way. Some things we didn't know before going: get tickets online or go earlier on in the day. We got there at one and didn't get in until 4. If your tickets are for 1, go at 12:30 to get in line. There were a lot of interesting facts and it showed actual lungs and the REAL-ness of how bad smoking is for you... It had a camal, a full on camal. Those things are huge! Seriously, I think you should go check it out. If you've seen it, what'd you think? Oh, and Nicole, Steve and I would love to tend the kids when you and Cam go if you haven't gone already:)

See you later Elder Fullmer...

Nathan is back out in the mission feild! He leaves for Wellington New Zealand on Monday the 27th. He's doing great in the MTC and he and his comp get along really well. He's saying the second time around is much easier! Ha... We all
couldn't be more proud of him!

Is anyone else cold?

Nice fall time weather I'm afraid is almost over. Winter is drawing near and I am not looking forward to 1. Pretty much being cold for 4-5 months straight and 2. Driving in the snow and on the ice, having an anxiety attack daily because of it.

This was at Aubrey and Kurtis's open house in Salina. It was FREEZING! The cupcakes were frozen. Aubrey was standing by a space heater in her wedding dress all night and yes, I was wearing a blanket around my legs! Ha ha... We all got a good laugh out of it and a not-so-tasty meal at Mom's Cafe after. The waitress hated me. Steve says I'm paranoid, but she did, I swear!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Another Fullmer Wedding

As some of you know, my sister was getting married five weeks after Steve and I and that fell on October 9th. They got married in the evening and had a dinner at the JSB after. It was a really great day and they looked great and SO happy!

Since Kurtis is a Pilot and Aubrey is a flight attendant, we

threw paper airplanes while they were leaving.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

School is crap!

I've been at school since 8 o'clock this morning and I'm finally going home for the night, but don't worry! I'll be back at the same time tomorrow morning. The goal is to get caught up by tomorrow, and STAY CAUGHT up for the rest of the semester. It's kicking my trash! Getting married during a semester when you're working and a full-time student and your husband decides to take 21 credits is completely crazy. I am crazy, but I'm about ready to fall over and die. This coming weekend is VERY MUCH needed! Anyone doing anything fun besides listening to/watching conference? Give me ideas. I need to get out!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Autumn Sunday

So we finally made it to the right building, at the right time and attended our REAL ward today, YEA! After church we decided to go up the canyon. Autumn is probably my favorite season and the weather was perfect today. The leaves are changing and the weather is perfect! I absolutely love days like today. Steve likes to jump and show his mad skills...
Yes, he was aware of what I dork I am before he married me.

We were experimenting toward the end of our little walk and things got out of control. I actually really like this picture. I think I'm getting our wedding photos this week, so stay tuned. Hope you all have a great week!

Oh how I love my husband!

Like the title of my blog said, I LOVE MY HUSBAND, and apparently that lady behind us is pretty upset about it! Being married is great, but it really stinks having to come back to reality and realize that life is SUPER BUSY. The week is crazy with Steve taking 21 credits and me taking 12 and working still sucking spit. He told me last week to keep my Friday free that we were having a suprise date. AND he actually did keep it a secret. I always think I'm going to suprise him with something, but I can't wait to tell him, so I tell him. What was the suprise?
THE FREAKIN CIRCUS! I hadn't been since I was super little, I can't even remember going and there have been radio commercials about it for the past month but I didn't think we'd end up going. I was seriously back to being 5 years old. I was so excited and it's so great since I think Steve was even more excited than I was.

See what I mean? He was like this with everything, not just the lady with the long skinny legs...

The guys on stilts really creeped me out, but I figured we better get a picture anyway.

Okay, this is how great Steve is. He got us front row tickets, so not only were we able to see everything like we were on stage, we actually WERE on stage for like twenty minutes. We got to ride around in this little clown car... We're on the left. We were in it during a song and while the people in the metal ball were riding their motorcycles in it... I don't know what they're really called, but I do know that they got 7 going at the same time. SO CRAZY...

I seriously had a dream last night that I could do this... She's holding herself with one hand. I'm working on it. If I ever accomplish it I'll for sure put a picture up!
And of course the elephants! When Steve and I went to the zoo this past summer, I was really excited and I left really disappointed. I ended up just feeling bad for all of the animals. I was a little worried when we pulled up Friday night that'd I'd leave feeling the same way... I SO DIDN'T. We had so much fun and even though circus people are a little creepy, they sure are entertaining!