Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Happily Tired

We've been having a busy, but wonderful summer. I've been really tired, but didn't realize how tired until I started looking at pictures... AHH! I look exhausted in ALL of them. Hopefully it'll get better in 18 years or so, right? Baby Low is obviously growing and is moving around a lot. He likes to kick for dad every morning before dad heads for work. School is going great for me. I'm starting to get heat flashes and dizzy spells and back pain and nausea again, but all is well. Steve has honestly been amazing! I can't imagine going through this without his love and support. I'm looking forward to my mother coming home from her vacation. We have bought all of the fabric for his room, we just need to start sewing and I don't trust my skills without supervision!

Third trimester is around the corner... (next week).

What are you glad you did before your first baby came? What do you wish you would have done? What are some things you did for yourself? For your spouse? For baby?