Monday, March 9, 2009

Blogging for Recipes

So Steve and I have decided that we "go grab a bite" too much. I'm making a shopping list and I need some new fun, easy recipes. This is about as long as this post is going to be because I'm in the student library computer lab and there's a guy whispering into this woman's ear very creepy-like and I'm very distracted. Side note: it's not cute and she looks very annoyed. Please sir, stop distracting us both! Oh yeah, SPRING BREAK IS ALMOST A WEEK AWAY!

Monday, March 2, 2009

An update and a shout out to Jilly-bean

One of Steve and I's favorite things to do together is to go rock climbing. Of course not outside right now, but definitely in the summer. We both have passes to "The Quarry" in Provo. Steve's my monkey man. He's so good and pushes me to do better everytime we go. It's just something that we can actively do together because we both refused to get "married fat" and it's something that we can do together and progress at our own speed. Whenever I talk to my friend Jill, it seems like it comes up. I'm either heading to meet Steve there, or we've already gone. She always says how cute she thinks it is, so much that she's trying to talk her fiance into trying it out with her... Anyway, we had Aubrey and Kurtis come with us this past weekend and it was fun because we climbed up side by side and had our own little photo shoot. So Jill, here you go...
BTW: Aubrey and Kurtis did great for their first time. I told you that you wouldn't die Kurtis :) Other updates, we've been busy with school. We're excited for our Spring break in a couple of weeks and be in the warm St. George weather and visit Alecia and Sam in Vegas! Woot woot. It was Tatum's 2nd birthday. He's our friends' little boy and Steve and I thought that it'd be a good idea to dress each other for the special occasion. It turned out pretty special! This is what we do to stay entertained.

Getting Domesticated

I don't even know if domesticated is a word. I'm guessing so since it didn't come up on my spell check, but besides school, that's one thing that I've been up to. After my many bridal showers I started to become overwhelmed with all of the kitchen supplies, tools and recipes I was given. I thought "I'm not even a wife yet, and apparently I've already failed." You see, anyone who knows me, knows that I'm not known for my cooking or baking. My list of sweet skills has never included anything to do with the kitchen. I am learning. I am no longer mooching off of Aubrey's great cooking (thanks for not making me starve at SUU.) She used to call my mom crying about how I only come over to eat whatever she's made for dinner and then immediately leave. In my defense, I was mostly going to dance rehearsal. But not always, so I'm apologizing now... I was 18 and hopefully I'm not as rude as I once was. Also, I broke my mom's mixer making cookies. Really, making cookies. Don't ask how, I'm just proving that the skills were absent in the kitchen. Well, I'm learning. I'm turning a new page in the life of Meg and I pulled my "canary yellow" KitchenAid mixer out of the box (after only 6 months of recieving it) and baked cookies, BY MYSELF WITHOUT ANY HELP AND DIDN'T RUIN A SINGLE BATCH! My mixer is still in great shape and I got an A+ report from everyone who ended up eating them. I know, you're either thinking "Meg? Seriously? You made something not out of a box?" or "Wow, you are one pathetic loser!" Well, I seriously did! And I'd like to think of myself as special instead of a loser. Loser is a negative word and I'm working on being more positive and optimistic (thanks for the push Madi). On the cooking end, I am becoming quite the pro of putting things in the Crock-pot and making rice or mashed potatoes to go with the finished Crock-pot product. LOVE THE CROCK-POT! I can't emphasize that enough! Wow, this was longer than I had planned. Sorry for the long read...