Monday, February 9, 2009

I Love my Husband

So, with Valentines Day coming up I told Steve a couple of weeks ago that I didn't want him to get me flowers. #1: Steve thinks that spending money on something that lasts a week is a waste and #2: I don't see the point in spending 3x the amount of cash on one day when you can get a better deal on them any other day of the year. I am a girl who enjoys getting flowers every now and then and so I told him that I'd rather he suprise me when he feels so inclined then feel forced and spend when he doesn't want to... Can you tell we're poor college newly weds? Ha ha... So on Wednesday, I get home from a long day at school and running errands (grocery shopping, boo) And these are on the table in the kitchen with a very nice note from my handsome man. He's so great. He said that he didn't believe in buying them, but he's learned that it's worth it because it pays off. Apparently, I've been a little more relaxed this past week:) Here are just a few other things that I appreciate he does for me... I know he does them for me because he wouldn't if he didn't love me:

- He makes the bed. (I'm the one who leaves the house first and those of you who know me, know that I hate an un-made bed)

-He does the laundry. (He's actually very aware of when things need to get done and is quite efficient getting them done without me saying anything)

-He wears jeans more than polyester pants (which make his bum look super hot)

-He writes me cute almost cheesy e-mails (that I absolutely love)

I've got to run to class or my list could go on and on... Love you babe! Thanks for all you do!


FeliciaK & Neilster said...

You guys are so cute. Our husbands have something in common. Mine too does the laundry and makes the bed. So sweet. ;)

Alecia and Sam said...

I am telling Sam he is in charge of making the bed and the laundry :) If he says anything I will say Steve does it.. haha!!!

Sarah said...

Steve is awesome

Alecia and Sam said...

YOU SUCK at blogging... I am officially telling you this. How am I suppose to stay up on your life when it takes two weeks to get ahold of each other :) and you never update your blog. I love you so much though!!!