Monday, September 28, 2009

Rockin' Out and Playing with Friends

That's what we like to do...
So I got Steve tickets to "Everytime I Die" the band for our anniversary. We went and it was super fun. It was my first hardcore rock concert. There was tons of energy and Steve was loving it and it was fun to see him in that element.
Yes, Steve crowd surfed more than once and I'm glad he only left with a small bruise on his head from someone kicking him accidentally. We wore ear plugs so our hearing is still in tact.
Steve was our photographer for the evening. I didn't crowd surf, but I was front up against the stage the whole time... So I think I was a pretty cool wife. Sweaty stranger bodies rubbing up against me though the entire time was NOT pleasant for me... I'm becoming such a prude:)
Steve got me tickets to Ingrid Michaelson in October so we'll have another concert to blog about but I'm sure it'll be a completely different experience.
Have we mentioned how much we love Rob and Sarah?! They're pretty much just great and we love when we can find a time in our busy schedules to hang out... A couple of weekends ago we had a night out at Trafalga... We lived it up and did every activity possible. Thanks guys, we kinda like you.

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Sarah said...

Haha! I'm so lucky I checked your blog today! LOVE IT. And hey, we like you too. :)