Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fall is fading TOO quickly

So things are super busy in the lives of Steve and Meg, but we always find a little time to have some fun. I first just want to give a shout out to that guy I call my husband. I think he's pretty great and he deals with me and my stresses so well. It's been really stressful starting this new job. I have to be a grown-up or something and that can be hard at times. Ha ha... He's handsome, loving and even empathetic. I'm pretty darn lucky.

We went to Thriller... and if you are a LOVER of this production, read no more.... I was just disappointed. There were a few dances that were really good but most were just okay and there were even a few times that I was flat-out bored. I'm glad that we went and we had a good time, but I'm pretty sure that we won't be going every year.

As I've mentioned, we are house sitting for Steve's parents while they are serving another mission. It's great and large and sometimes scary... It has started to snow and that means that my favorite season is almost over. It has been SO beautiful... I hope we don't get snowed in this winter... Wish us luck.


Brady and Brittany said...

Oh. my. gosh. I am so happy that someone shares in my disappointment in Thriller!!! I haven't been able to confide in anyone because everyone is obsessed...we need to chat. Love ya!

keri mae rhineer said...

your life is so fun... you are soo cute. i love blogs