Thursday, February 17, 2011

Do Unto Others



So much snow last night. As some of you know, Steve and I are house sitting for his parents while they are serving a mission. Well, last night we got the biggest dump of the season! We went to a movie while the wind was blowing and the drive-way was clear.

We got back to 14 inches in the drive... When I say drive way, I don't mean like a regular drive. It took us 2 hours to shovel about 1/5 of it and we finally gave up. We met at the movies so we drove separately. I tried to pull into the drive with my old car and got stuck. I tried to back up and slid into the road/sidewalk...

While there were many cars on the side of the road and many cars just driving by probably saying: "Look at those poor shmucks!", there were the few that stopped to help. TWO people stopped to help us. Honestly, it took 20 minutes for all of us to get my car out. If it was just Steve and I, we probably wouldn't have been successful since I had three men pushing. Sorry babe, you're strong, but two extra guys helped a lot.

That is when I realized how we all can do better with helping others. Life is busy, but it should never be too busy to help someone out in need. Steve and I decided after our little experience how great it would feel to help out a little more. That is our goal and I will report. I challenge any of you who read this blog or have gotten through this post to do the same.

How have you helped others in need or how has some stranger helped you?


Chelsie and Trace said...

Hey Megan it was great to see you a few weeks ago you look great! I have had to shovel our drive way and it does suck so I can only imagine what a pain it was for you two and it sounds like it is a long driveway!

amme810 said...

word to the wise. always have jumper cables in your car. it took my hubby and i helping out 4x with jumping other cars until we decided that we got lucky enough that the other people had cables and needed to make sure we had cables in our car and a tow rope. we even pulled out a 4 wheeler in a ditch with the tow rope. it was crazy. he was just spraying weeds and just slid far enough where he couldn't get it out himself.