Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Missing... Me...

I feel so incredibly blessed for all that is going on in our lives. A quick update?

I'm in hair school which is something that I have ALWAYS wanted to do!!! I love it even though it's been hard with the pregnancy sickness.

Steve got a great promotion at work and is getting into the role. He's taking the GMAT in a month or so and will be starting the Professional MBA program in January.

We're starting to look for a place to buy when Steve's parents get home from their mission. We're on the 3-5 year plan now.

So many great things to feel so excited and happy about... But all I feel is gross and sick. I now have the flu this week on top of it all. I'm nearing 13 weeks and hoping that I will start to feel a little like myself again.

Please tell me this is normal. Am I the only one who has felt completely lost in their first trimester?


BRooKe said...

It is great to read an update on you! Hair school! How fun... I have wanted to do that too but never have! I am excited that you are preggers! You will be one cute momma! The sickness will pass... :)

Sarah said...

I so hope that you are feeling better! It is no fun for sure to feel so sick! Normally when you are puking, you at least know that it will stop in a day or so at the most- it is horrible to have it go on and on! I am so sorry! You are in my prayers!!
I am excited for you and Steve to be parents! Lucky baby! And that is exciting about hair school too!

:::k-laa::: said...

I didn't know that you were pregnant!! and I am a serious blogstalker! wow, i need to step it up!!! congrats!! so excited for you!