Monday, October 3, 2011

A time for FIRST'S

It's been a while since I've posted, but life happens and things get put on the back burner. We bought a house!!! It's in Sandy and we're super excited to be starting this new chapter in our life there. We're ready to start great memories there.

Owning a new home means that you need things you don't necessarily need when you're renting. We have made 3 big purchases lately for house. 1- Lawn Mower 2- Washer 3- Dryer

Steve is working a lot on the yard and that lawn mower has already been put to great use. It was so pretty when we first got it. Shiny and new.... That lasted about 30 minutes. I think Steve is more proud of how it looks now: used.

We have been so blessed with showers and gifts from so many people that we love. It's so great to be able to share all of this baby excitment with people that we love and look up to. This baby is going to be loved! We finally got our stroller/carseat travel system. We're really happy with it. I think Steve is feeling better now that we have the carseat. Even though I've got 3+ weeks left, he was getting a little concerned that we didn't have that yet. Now he can breathe easy until I go into labor.

Because I love those that are requesting belly pics, here you are. As you can see, the guy is growing rapidly. Above I'm at 32 weeks and below was the other night at 36 weeks! We're hitting 37 this week. I'm able to stay really busy with the house and organizing. It's perfect for my need to nest. I just went on maternity leave from school which means that I can nap every day until this baby comes if I want to! I find that the only time I can sleep an entire 2 hours in a 24 hour period is from 2-4 in the afternoon.

I'm getting quite nauseas again and really tired. I'm feeling very large and starting to stress about labor, delivery, taking care of a baby, and I'd be lying if I didn't say I'm worried about the post baby body sludge. One step at a time though, right?

So... If anyone else is up in the middle of the night for any reason and just need someone to talk to, I'm your lady!


The Duncan Family said...

Congrats on your baby. It has been forever since I have seen you! Good luck with your delivery.

Nikki said...

Oh I love your pictures! You LOOK AMAZING! :) I'm sorry you are starting to feel blah again {that is sooo not fun at the end}. But I'm glad you have some great purchases in order. That ought to help you feel a little better...? I know what you mean about the scares...but just remember we are tough! haha That's how I get through it. I keep thinking: I can either be a sissy about this and cry {even though I still do} or I can take it by the horns. haha. Oh well...some mental game that I play. :) You're awesome! Good luck with everything!