Sunday, September 28, 2008

Oh how I love my husband!

Like the title of my blog said, I LOVE MY HUSBAND, and apparently that lady behind us is pretty upset about it! Being married is great, but it really stinks having to come back to reality and realize that life is SUPER BUSY. The week is crazy with Steve taking 21 credits and me taking 12 and working still sucking spit. He told me last week to keep my Friday free that we were having a suprise date. AND he actually did keep it a secret. I always think I'm going to suprise him with something, but I can't wait to tell him, so I tell him. What was the suprise?
THE FREAKIN CIRCUS! I hadn't been since I was super little, I can't even remember going and there have been radio commercials about it for the past month but I didn't think we'd end up going. I was seriously back to being 5 years old. I was so excited and it's so great since I think Steve was even more excited than I was.

See what I mean? He was like this with everything, not just the lady with the long skinny legs...

The guys on stilts really creeped me out, but I figured we better get a picture anyway.

Okay, this is how great Steve is. He got us front row tickets, so not only were we able to see everything like we were on stage, we actually WERE on stage for like twenty minutes. We got to ride around in this little clown car... We're on the left. We were in it during a song and while the people in the metal ball were riding their motorcycles in it... I don't know what they're really called, but I do know that they got 7 going at the same time. SO CRAZY...

I seriously had a dream last night that I could do this... She's holding herself with one hand. I'm working on it. If I ever accomplish it I'll for sure put a picture up!
And of course the elephants! When Steve and I went to the zoo this past summer, I was really excited and I left really disappointed. I ended up just feeling bad for all of the animals. I was a little worried when we pulled up Friday night that'd I'd leave feeling the same way... I SO DIDN'T. We had so much fun and even though circus people are a little creepy, they sure are entertaining!


..[eLySe].. said...

I love the circus...actually I have never been, but I really want to go. I don't think Eric will take me :[

Nick and Dyanna said...

The blog looks great! The motorcyclists are called rebel riders. How do I know? because I was there! That same night actually. "How about SEVEN rebel riders?" However, I did get to ride on a golf cart for the elephant walk as the elephants had to walk from the arena to the train station where they got on their cart to go to their next city. Neato!

melsebourn said...

Meg & Steve,

I just stopped Noah from posting inappropriate comments on your blog. You'll thank me I'm sure :)