Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Things are going well in the life of Steve and Meg. We were laying in bed yesterday counting down how much longer of the semester we have left. WE ARE GOING TO SURVIVE. Things are crazy busy, but we're still finding time to hang out with each other and goof off and make dinner and do the dishes together! We got our Media Ethics and Law exam scores back last week. We were super stress about that and studied so hard for it. Steve has much better studying tactics and habits than I do, so I'm lucky to have him help me out a little bit. I got a B+ which is higher than the C average in the class. My brilliant husband though, got the highest score of the entire test. Congrats baby on your 106% I'm super proud of you!!!

Yea for good friends! Alecia and her boyfriend Sam came up to visit a week or so ago for Katie and Garrett's wedding and we all got to hang out. These two girls are two of my favorite people in the whole wide world. Sam is so great and I couldn't be happier for my dear Lil Huss! Congrats to Katie and Garrett on the wedding, you looked amazing... It's weird to think that it was just Steve and I a couple of months ago. We also had people over last weekend for milkshakes. I was quite pleased that our little place fit that many people in it all at once!

Steve and I volunteered at a dinner auction for some charity at the Provo Library this past weekend. We got to get all dressed up since it was a formal dinner. It was fun to dress up. We got put in charge of the coat check. Since it was a nice day earlier, there were a total of 15 coats we were stuck with. I was hoping to learn something or take part in something a little more involved, but I guess someone had to stay with the coats. Thank you Glen for letting us come over after to get in the pool and hut tub with everyone!


Guess who got a calling in our ward this past Sunday? ME! They brought Steve and I both in and started talking about the relief society and how important that organization is and how they felt that I needed to have a calling in that organization. I was thinking that I was going to teach again or something, but I've been called to be the Relief Society Greeter. Ha! I had to choke back the laughter when the counselor asked Steve if he'd be able and willing to support me in that calling. I don't think it'll be that difficult. Steve keeps reminding me that there's no such thing as small callings, even if I think it's kinda silly. I've been trying to think of the good that will come out of this calling and I feel blessed because it'll give me the opportunity to get to know the sisters in my ward more so than if I wasn't forced into making conversation. Maybe even make a few new friends.


Gords said...

Relief Society Greeter? How fun! You could put that on your resume for when you get old and Walmart is looking.

106% on a test? That's awesome. Keep it up guys!

Wheelers said...

You two are so cute!

Sarah said...

I am so glad to get the up dates-- Congratulations- that is an awesome calling- maybe you could spice it up and steal the whole show for Relief Society- soon everyone will be coveting your calling... 106%... how is that even possible! Congratulations!

Coat checking, greeting... maybe you should change your middle name to : important.

PS The blog looks awesome

Sandra D. said...

Congrats on your knew calling & both of your test scores. I'm glad you are doing so well. Your such a cute couple!!