Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Twilight, Kinda Gay

Last night Meg and I saw The hit vampire movie "Twilight." While watching I learned several things about women that I didn't know.

1. Women like stalkers. He was always sneaking into her room, and she just thought it was so cute. I had been under the impression that guys sneaking around all the time was just creepy, but I was wrong.

2. Women like killers. He flat out admitted that he'd killed people, and it only made her want him more. If they like killers they probably like rapists, too.

3. If you scrunch your face up like a tard when you go to kiss a girl she'll instantly fall for you. He kept making the most unattractive faces, but I guess girls just can't resist a guy that's a little slow upstairs.

Meg enjoyed the movie, which only confirmed what I took from it. I can understand why people liked the book, if they are a fifteen year old girl. Some women in the audience cheered when Edward (dreamy vampire) came onto the screen. That proves to me that women want what they can't have, because it doesn't exist. I thought with a few simple changes and a new director the movie could have been ok.


Gords said...

I think I'll pass on trying out Point 1 and 2, but Point 3? I'll have to try that one on Cathi.

nancy said...

First off you are a guy. If you liked the movie then you would not be married to Meg. Guys should not go to chick movies. You are just married so you want to be a good litle husband. So yes you git points for that!

I am with you on the part about the ladies yelling when Edward came on. Kinda gay. I even felt to old to go see it.