Monday, December 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Steve!

It was STEVE's birthday on Saturday!!!
We had such a great day. It ended with a yummy dinner at Tepanyaki and his friends
came over for cake and ice cream when we got home. I covered the cake with tin foil and
all of the frosting came off. It was beautiful! He was hoping that it'd snow and it did!
The night before, we went to dinner with Steve's family and then went to Temple
Square. It was weird not having any snow there, but it was so nice walking around and
not feeling like your hands were falling off. It was perfect and we had so much fun.
I just thought this was a pretty cool picture. We like to jump in pictures, can't you tell?


Kadan, Trish, and J said...

Megs, I think you guys have too much fun! Merry Christmas.

aleciamar said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEVE!! Meg, your cake was beautiful and I have had to learn the lesson of tinfoil on cakes too... love ya!!

Chana said...

you guys are so funny! It looks like fun - we still need to get together and have married people fun.

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Steve! I feel like a jerk for not calling you, but in my defense I have been a bit under the weatherish. Happy Birthday- we will have to go celebrate sometime soon (while you can still get some free birthday dessert)

Leslie said...

What is it with this family and December birthdays?! (like I should talk!!) Happy (late)Birthday, Steve! Hope you guys had a great Christmas!!

Travis said...

so megs, what project are you in charge of for advanced mediation? i wanna be paired with you. To be honest I am getting anxiety over the class (just joking (KINDA))