Friday, August 21, 2009

August has Been Speedy!

I feel like I'm running at full speed all of the time and there's no way I'm ever
going to catch up. Things are busy with school starting for me next week (yuck)
and the summer coming to an end (bigger yuck). Steve is still working at MRIoA
and we're happy that in this economy he has a steady job. August has been
super fun for us. Tomorrow will be the first Saturday in a while that we don't
have to wake up at a certain time and be on the go from the moment our heads
leave our pillows. I'm SO excited about that. I had a girls night with the Low
family and I painted every one's nails so if you're wondering what that first pic is,
that's that. I try to be the super cool aunt. Ha ha... It was such a fun night
and I love my in-laws. I got super lucky. We went to Snowbird for Steve's work party
and got to ride on the rides and play on the rock wall and other cool crud like that.
I loved the zip-line despite what anyone else says. I thought it was fun and NOT
boring. I didn't find it scary though. Rob (works with Steve) and his wife Sarah
were there and she got a little scared. I was laughing so hard. At the end there's a
big spring that stops you. I guess the guy getting her strapped in saw that she
was nervous and told her that this rope was the break... It was just a rope connected to
her back. She was pulling on that thing as hard as she could and screaming bloody
murder the entire way down. She apparently almost had an accident from
the terror and I almost did from watching it unfold in front of me.
Steve and Rob are buddies. He's going to miss Rob at work. Today is his last day, he's
going back to school. I guess Steve's the only one who has to pretend to be a
grown-up or something. They had a dinner for us that evening and a raffle. I was
very disappointed that we didn't win the laptop, but we did get a gift card to
the Cheesecake factory. That almost made up for the disappointment. The next
morning, we were rowing for Gordon (bro-in-law) in his 10 mile swimming race
up at Deer Creek. We had to wake up early and it was a bit chilly, hence why I look
so happy. Gordon was doing really well so it was okay that we were paddling
upstream the entire time and soaking wet because it was raining. Thunder and lightening
hit and after almost 5 miles, we were all booted out of the water. I was so bummed for
Gordon. We were stranded on rocks in the wind and rain and FREEZING cold
for about an hour before we were rescued. We were both so cold that
it took us (me) an hour long shower to even start the tingling of feeling back into
my body. We slept away the rest of the day and had a nice dinner that night so it
all worked out. Honestly, it was an adventure, even though it was a cold one. We're
always happy to help out our family anytime. This is what it looked like before the race
even started. We were hoping it'd clear. Oh well. Next year Gordon! We'll be there.

So school starts on Wednesday and then the next weekend, Steve and I are off

to ST. GEORGE for year 1. I can't believe we've been married almost a year. So

crazy! I'm already starting to feel old. ha ha... not really. I'm excited to give Steve

his present. What do you think I got him? If you know... please don't spoil his surprise!


Riley and Kandas Woolford said...

I can't believe that summer is almost over either. It makes me sad to think that Ri will go back to school next week. I've enjoyed not sharing him with books and the library way too much!!

Good luck with your classes.

Nellie Jane said...

Thanks for the catch up post! Sounds like a great end of summer kick! Congrats on the first year! Miss you guys!