Monday, October 19, 2009

BEWARE: Picture Overload

So, we've been having a lot of fun... Conference weekend we spent up at the cabin in Logan with friends. We played a lot of volleyball, did some fishing, around the world ping-pong, ate and watched conference. It was so beautiful up there. You know how I love the fall weather.

Ashley got baptized a couple of weekends ago. These are the 8 year old nieces and nephew. Aren't they cute?

Ashely had a lot of support for her big day!
We went out with Alecia and Sam on Friday and we had so much fun. We went to Nightmare on 13th and honestly, it wasn't as good as the Haunted Forest in American Fork. It was Sam's first time going to something like this so that was fun.

Our cute hubby's. We're so glad we finally got together...
Steve and I went to the Ingrid Michaelson concert on Saturday! It was so great. It was his anniversary gift to me. I was a little worried on her opening number because she was a little off on pitch. The rest of the songs were AMAZING. She was great Live. Thanks babe!

Katy was in town this past weekend. So great to see her and to meet the boyfriend. We'll miss you Katy! But we'll see you in a few months. Disney Cruise here we come!!!
Fall Break was great and now I'm back a school. Half-way through!!! Woo-Hoo... What's everyone doing for Halloween? We're carving pumpkins tonight and I'm so excited.


Jill and Dane said...

Your pics look so fun! Are you not just LOVING the Fall season? I am loving every second of it! I haven't decorated my little apartment as much as I would have wanted to though. Maybe I will, but I feel like there is no time! OH ya... and money! haha... anyways darling you look BEAUTIFUL and I MISS MISS YOU too! But I am curious... why are you mad at me? I have a voodoo doll pack I can send you if you need it, but I really hope you don't. You know I was the last one to call you... but you never returned that call. In all seriousness love if you do need to talk to me about ANYTHING, even being mad at me... call me up.
I love you!

Riley and Kandas Woolford said...

And you think we are always having fun??? What a fun post full of fun things. We really should get together!