Thursday, January 7, 2010

Too Late for a Christmas Post?

TOO BAD! Here it goes:
Our Christmas was fantastic!!! We got together with the Low-side the Sunday before and did dinner, the Nativity story (which Steve narrated this year), played games and enjoyed spending time with everyone.

I know it looks like they're all in a line saying a prayer right now but I promise I didn't take a picture of everyone praying... That's weird. It was a game they were playing. "The Quarter Game". It was actually pretty fun and good for this crowd because every age could play it.
Since the semester was over, I was able to see my dearest friend Lauren. She's so busy when the semester starts that the only way we stay in touch is over g-chat. Thank goodness for that.
Christmas Eve and Christmas day was spent with my side of the family. All of the traditions were kept and held: Everyone being super excited, eating yummy seafood and homemade french fries, getting new pj's, watching Christmas slides, watching the Nativity, reading Santa Claus before bed... We were all so tired that we forgot to sing Silent Night. That was the only one forgotten though.

It's been a while since we've had some little ones around for Christmas and it made it that much more great. We're so glad that Nellie and the girls were with us (and Mike via Skype in the Phill.)
Maya was very concerned about the cookies that they left out for Santa. She wouldn't leave the plate. In order to get her in the picture, we had to bring the cookies along.

The girls got so many things "princess"! Princess is now coming out their ears! We all got spoiled of course. It was a great Christmas and just brings it more to my attention how incredibly blessed we are in so many ways. Thanks Steve for a great 2nd Christmas! I love you.

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