Monday, November 21, 2011

Melts my Heart

Seeing these two together! They're already two peas in a pod.
I'd like to think that I am striving always to see the good in life and to be grateful
for all that I have. I have been grateful, but I have not felt THIS kind of gratitude
in my whole life. I love this new addition that we have and I love the joy he has brought
to our little family. I don't know if I could ever feel more joy than I have in the
past 4 weeks...

(Daddy reading the news to Stryder... He's already so well informed)

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to anyone who still reads this blog. Hope
you are able to spend this week stuffing your faces with good food and
filling your hearts with those you love.


Jill and Dane said...

Such a sweet post. I'm so glad you're enjoying new mommyhood so much! You can't even imagine life without him now, huh? You guys have to watch The Nativity Story this year. Dane and I watched it last year right after we had Boss and we were both BAWLING our eyes out. Having a baby (especially a son) brings a whole new light to Jesus birth. Also a beautiful lullaby for your son is Joseph's lullaby.


Jessica & McKay Robinson said...

Father-Son moments are the BEST!

FeliciaK said...

I still read it! ;) and I am so very very happy for you and Steve. You guys are so very lucky to have such a beautiful baby. ;) I can't wait till I have that joy too. ;)