Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Less Than 5 Weeks Left!!!

So... guess what? If you count the time off that we have for Thanksgiving, school is over in less than 5 weeks. Can you tell I'm excited?! I thought that it'd be bitter-sweet when it came to an end and I'm sure that it will be eventually, but I am SO OVER group assignments, writing press releases and researching Little Giant Ladders! (The Little Giant Ladder thing is an ongoing LONG assignment).

We finally convinced Rob and Sarah to go climb with us... We had a lot of fun and I think they did too. It's always fun to do something fun and active with good friends. We also went to Red Mango (the frozen yogurt place). It is amazing! Try their pomegranate yogurt with fresh raspberries. YUMMY...

Thanks for finally coming with us guys. You did great and we hope we can force you into loving it as much as we do!

So I couldn't post pics for some reason, so scroll down and they are there!

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