Monday, November 2, 2009

Weekend of Parties

So we have had a fun-filled weekend and we're trying to be okay with going back to busy life. On Friday, Steve dressed up in my cheer uniform. We're not going to make it a habit to watch Grey's Anatomy the night before while I paint my husbands nails. We're also not going to make it a habit for him to wake me up at 7 a.m. to do his make-up for him. He won 3rd place in the contest at work which got us a $25 gift card to Cheesecake Factory, so it was all worth it.

We went to my friend Marianna's party on Friday. It was a lot of fun. They went all out on the decor, had yummy snacks and had scary movies playing in the back room all night. I saw "The Shining" for the first time. We went and visited Jake and Syree later that night. It was nice to get into our sweats and clean off all of the make-up.

So Friday night I was a rocker and steve was a ??? tranny? I told him next year we need to try to have him not wear womens clothing. Saturday afternoon we went to Paranormal Activity (the movie). It was good. I was scared and I think it even got to Steve a little. It was a perfect movie for Halloween. That night we went to Alisa's party. We ate chili, played games and made caramel apples. It was a really good time. We decided to be pirates that night.

We met up with Mike and Amy later. Mike went all out with his Riddler costume. HE IS NOT THE JOKER. Don't ask him, he'll get mad. It was a great weekend. Thanks to everyone who made it so great. We're going to go hardcore next year. Getting started on them soon!!!


Gords said...

Nice costumes this year. Can't wait to see your costumes next year if they're going to be better.

3rd place Steve? Man there must have been some really good ones at your work.

Sarah said...

How come ypu didn't go as a Payson Cheerleader? Rival cheerleaders would have taken the gold... speaking of gold, Steve's gold belt looks great on you

kerimaemiller said...

found it!! you guys are so cute!! i love it