Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Okay, I told you that you'd get updates on what has been going on in the past couple of months. It seems like after Spring Break, things just moved so quickly and we both were so busy but we found time, of course, to still enjoy life. A few things we've been up to:
Spending time with good friends is something that we both enjoy doing. While we were in St. George, we got to hand out with Alecia and Sam and I was giddy like a little girl. Alecia and I lived together for a long time and have been good friends since. I'm so happy that she and Sam found each other and just as happy that she moved back to Utah this past weekend!
Steve GRADUATED!!! Isn't he so cute? Oh yeah, and I chopped 14 inches of hair off. It was time, that's all I have to say about it. Steve is now working two jobs. One is SLC and one here in Orem and I am just so grateful that we are given new opportunities each and every day to experience individually and together. I'm so proud of him! Did you know that he got a 4.0 these last two semesters?! Holy Moly, I married well!
We've been enjoying the incredible weather and living it up. We're climbing, mountain biking, running, and just playing outside every spare moment that we get. We're working on the running thing. I've never been a big runner, but slowly I'm getting better. It is swimsuit season now...
We finally took down the wallpaper in my parents room. This may or may not have been my mothers b-day present from us last AUGUST, but we finally got it done and actually had a good time working together.
Our last adventure was last week and a bunch of us went up to the cabin in Logan. It was so much fun. There was sunshine and rain and we played volleyball in it all! Thanks to all of you who came. We'll go again soon!

So... That's what's been going on with us in a nutshell. We're currently looking for a new place to live seeing as how Steve is driving to SLC every morning. We're going to look for a half-way place. That's something we're looking forward to. Wish us luck with packing. Oh yeah... Thanks to all of you who left recepies for me... They were great! Keep them coming!

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Alecia and Sam said...

Holy Crap Meghan updated! It is a miracle! I can't reallly take though it has been a month since mine!:) You look so good! Love ya girlie!!