Friday, June 5, 2009

So Long, Farewell Dearest Provo

Yes, you read that right. We are officially moving to Draper and are actually already in the process of doing so. We'll be out of our place in Provo this weekend! It's bitter sweet. We're excited to be in a new area but Provo has been kind to us.

Some things I have learned while packing and moving this week:

-Married moving is a lot harder than moving apartments when you're just YOU

-We have SO MUCH STUFF! Especially in the kitchen. I know that one day I'll be so happy that I have every kitchen gadget possible, but I don't know how to use probably 60% of them at this time.

-Good friends and family who are there to help in any way are such a blessing!

-Never paint your nails the day before you start packing... Total waste of time. I'll need a good manicure when all is said and done.

Things that we're looking forward to:

-Having a shower that we can actually STAND UP in. Yea!

-Getting our own couch...

-Being closer to Steve's work. It's about a twenty minute commute for both of us now. We just go in opposite directions in the morning.

-Having a bed on actual legs, not just a mattress on the floor.

We'll miss Provo, but we'll be around. We're not very far away. Again, thank you to all of you who have helped. You've made our life A LOT easier!


Kristen said...

Happy moving! Hey, now you're even closer to Farmington and need to come up for a visit. Maybe dinner?

Nellie Jane said...

So great to get updated on your life! You guys look so happy! Thanks for posting...and good luck moving!

Alecia and Sam said...

Can't wait to see the new place. I feel for you when it comes to moving! Glad it is over!!

Riley and Kandas Woolford said...

Congrats on the move!! It sounds like it will be a good thing for both of you! Keep in touch in the blog world!! I can't wait to see pictures of the new place and hear how it is!!

Leslie said...

Looking forward to seeing your new place. In pics., of course! Wish we could be there, so bad!! Good luck on this new chapter for you guys!

Lisa said...

SO in just some reandom way, I just found your blog...I LOVE it! I also wish that we had been able to get to know each other better! Will you keep in touch with me???

Lindsay said...

Finally you have updated :)! Lucky that your hubby graduated. Soon enough it will be us! Lets get some classes together!