Friday, June 12, 2009

Paul is a Liar!

If you are wondering who Paul is...

Paul is the guy who works in the office of our new place and worked with us while signing the contract and everything.

If you are wondering why he's a liar...

I will tell you! There are trails up the mountain behind where we live. That's one of the reasons why we liked this place so much. They're cut into the mountain and I specifically asked him if they were just foot trails or if they were bike trails as well. He says: OH THEY'RE GREAT FOR BIKING.
Steve and I decided to go on a bike ride on those trails last night. I'm new at the whole mountain biking world, but we want to get into it. This was not great for my first experience on a dirt trail. It had rained that day which didn't make it any easier. The trail was not, I repeat, NOT for bikes! It was so thin and I don't think anyone even has gone on the trails for years. Half of it was jungle I tell ya! I've got scrapes and bruises all over my body and I am seriously considering having a chat with our friend Paul (not really). Anyway, I wasn't the best sport about it so thanks babe for putting up with me. Elephant Rock I'll be better. (We're going to try a trail called Elephant Rock in Bountiful, anyone ever biked it?)

Anyways, that's my sad story of the week. It was bad enough that my body stung when I got in the shower afterwards. And yes, this is my second post today. I said I'd do three a week this month. Next one, I promise there will be pictures!

Oh! AND we got an orange couch and I absolutely adore it!!! Don't think badly if you haven't seen it. You'll all be jealous! Ha ha...

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